Egyptian Alchemy “High Heart” Activation with Paul Hubbert, Ph.D.

Sunday July 29th, 2012

Paul HubbertWith Paul Hubbert, Ph.D. Through these Egyptian Alchemy techniques, experience the High Heart Consciousness activation & acceleration process, which opens up the Divine Knowing and Love Vibration.

Alchemy: a mystical science that seeks to penetrate the most intimate secrets of nature, in order to perfect both humankind and matter.

In the workshop access the Violet, Pink Rose and Emerald Green rays activating and aligning the pineal/intuitive sense and the Heart and Creative centers as they are each empowered with the amplified pyramid resonance and vibration.

You gain a higher conscious connection with your higher self and guides, a greater knowing of unconditional love, a new level of enlightenment, accelerated self-healing, compassion and peace in daily life.

Sunday – July 29th
2pm – 6pm

9905 Anderson Mill Road
Austin, Texas 78750

$69 Love Offering

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