Empowerment Through Intuition (Psychic Development)

7 Mondays – July 9th thru August 20th, 2012 – Teleseminar

Julie McAllister

Discover the Top 10 Secrets of a Well-Respected, Internationally-Known Psychic Medium and How to Utilize Them to Empower Your Life. Learn How to Use Your Intuition to Transform Your Dreams Into Reality.

Led by Julie McAllister, this teleseminar that you can participate in from anywhere in the world, will teach you how to use your ~innate~ intuitive gifts.

If you have…
Ever felt unbridled curiosity about how psychics do what they do?
Experienced premonitions or precognitive dreams and not been sure what to do with them?
Been frustrated with trying to differentiate between thoughts (your ego) and your intuition (the connection to your Spirit Guides and the Universe)?
Wanted to know who your Spirit Guide is?
Asked, prayed, and perhaps even pleaded to know your life purpose?

Then this class is for you!

Jump Start Your New Life by Learning
The Types of Psychic Ability and Which Abilities “You” Have
How to Use Meditation to Enhance Your Psychic Abilities
To Overcome your Fear.
The Identity of your Spirit Guides
The Significance and Uses of Crystals and Numerology
The Use of Dowsing to Answer Questions
What Chakras are and Why They are Important to Your Mind, Body and Spirit
Which Colors Will Increase Your Intuitive Connection
A Code of Ethics for Psychics
How to Give Readings to Friends, Family Members and Clients

Here is what one former student has to say about the Empowerment Through Intuition class:

“Empowerment Through Intuition Class” is boot camp for the soul!! This class has been life changing for me on so many levels. Julie is an AMAZING teacher that provides constant support and validation.
The spiritual community that you encounter is a safe haven to explore and expose your soul. The feedback is priceless!! This class was one of the best decisions I have ever made….it prepares you to embark on a spiritual journey of your lifetime! What are you waiting for? ~Gema Kearns, NJ

7 Mondays – July 9th thru August 20th
8pm Central Time

Teleseminar – you can call in on your phone from anywhere in the world. Recordings are available if you ever miss a class.

$207 and a payment plan is available

For More Information
Questions, Contact Julie at julie@specialmomsheal.com or at 512-931-4325