Free – Be Part of the Worldwide Non-Traditional Truth-Reiki Energy Wave

Non-Traditional Reiki with Michael ZarchianNew “Higher Power” energies and frequencies of love, purification, healing and transformation are coming to us all to create “Heaven On Earth.”

And everyone (YES, that means YOU TOO!) has the capabilities, rights and gifts to be and to offer this energy. 

This new wave is absolutely not reserved for just a chosen few.

You do not have to be deemed an expert, guru, or licensed, or certified.  You do not have to be considered an “authority” or “holy” by some “consensus” to serve in this way.

This is unique wave is for those like you whom agree to Create, magnify, and offer the following…

  • Achievement
  • Excellence
  • Mastery
  • Compassion
  • Action with Pure Intent
  • And offered only for the Highest Good Benefit and well–being of all involved
  • Through their Truth–Higher Power
  • With their Truth–Ascended Master Ste. Germain Reiki Practice

These abilities are both ancient and new. 

“Ancient” as in they have been available since the beginning of the Universe. “New” because all abilities are more easily available now.  And some are being presented now, for first time, on our planet to create a better world for all!

What do I have to do to add my unique wave?

  1. Sign up for the monthly Truth–Ascended Master Ste. Germain Reiki Healing\Clearings\Transformation\Initiation\Attunements.
  2. Read the detailed directions during the 3 days of your attunement. And do the one easy thing you need to do to begin your personal attunement as directed.
  3. Download the free detailed manuals and frame-able certificate at the link below.
  4. Do a little or a lot every day to spread the light, in the irreplaceable way only you can!

This is offered freely in service.

As a conduit by Reverend Michael Zarchian (nice to meet you!)  with Truth–Higher Power, Truth–Ascended Master Ste. Germain Reiki and the Truth–ArchAngel and Ascended Master Collective.

Also offered free at various times:

  • Truth–Higher Power, ArchAngel and Ascended Master Collective 9 Week Universal Initiation Series
  • Truth–Higher Power Ascension Light Activation – Level 1 Initiation\Attunements
  • And more…

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Service offered by Reverend Michael Zarchian

For more than 30 years, Michael Zarchian has offered advanced energy healing services, as well as negative energy clearing and entity removal from people, places, events, situations and things. He is a Red Feather Melchitzedek Priest with experience in energy healing, life coaching Akashic Records, past life regression, as well as Truth–Higher Power, ArchAngel and Ascended Master Collective readings, channeling and healings.


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