Gerry Starnes – Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher

Gerry Starnes, M.Ed., has been a shamanic practitioner and teacher since the 1990s, building on previous training and experience in a variety of healing modalities. His current healing and counseling work draws upon both traditional and alternative practices and techniques.

His clients include those seeking to deepen their life experience and connect with Spirit, as well as survivors of significant trauma and abuse. Through rituals like soul retrieval, curse healing, and energy medicine, he helps clients and students to re-balance their lives in all the realms – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – which is the basis of all shamanic healing.

Gerry Starnes

Gerry Starnes
Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher

3004 South First Street

Austin,TX 78704


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Gerry is a talented and experienced teacher and mentor. He holds regular journey circles, classes, and workshops on a variety of shamanic topics. Several students have gone on to develop their own healing practices, and have become teachers in their communities, as well.

Gerry maintains that “Everyone has access to their own inner strength and innate wisdom – their own connection to Spirit. However, sometimes it is helpful to have an experienced teacher and guide to work with in order to learn to access that power and wisdom and forge a strong connection to spiritual guidance.”

As a spiritual and life coach, Gerry is available for personal sessions that help students and clients learn how best to integrate Spirit into their everyday life and to identify and utilize their spiritual gifts. And as an ordained minister, he is available for weddings and hand fastings, funerals, memorials, and other life celebrations and passages.

The “Spirit Paths” apprenticeship program he developed in 2008 is a 5-month intensive program focusing on helping students to regain control of their power, and to find a new focus for their lives. The experience-based program includes monthly workshops and bi-weekly evening support circles.

Gerry offers workshops on a broad range of topics for both beginners and more advanced practitioners. His current interest is in teaching shamanic healing practices and techniques to body workers and other healing professionals.

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