Healthy Help 4 U with Beth Carpenter

Since I was child I have had the ability to see angels and spirits. I knew things about people that they never verbalized to me. Each day I give thanks that my psychic gift has helped so many.

In 1983 I was given a diagnosis of 6 months to live – that journey lasted for ten years. During those years I developed my skill as a medical intuitive as well as learned how to heal using natural medicine while working with mainstream medicine too. Following the cancer experience I left the legal field and completed my doctorate of Naturopathy. My passion had been for many years to educate myself in natural health and healing.

Beth Carpenter

Beth Carpenter
Healthy Help 4 U

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I believe in taking the natural path to relief. And because of the road I have traveled I can easily help people in need to improve their health, connect with their angels while opening their own intuitiveness. The processes can include file removals, entity removals, handwriting analysis, health coaching, business coaching, numerology, tarot, angel readings and past life clearings just to name a few.

My office is set up so that as soon as you enter my workspace, you begin your healing journey. Angels are ever present, gently ridding you of glop. Your pain body no longer will have power over you. Peace will surround you and fill you as the angels share their love and grace.

My knowledge and experience spans over 25 years. And I have traveled the country many times over helping thousands through the years. I look forward to helping you too.

May You Know the Abundance of Blessings Today and Always,
Beth Carpenter


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