IEL Level I “Angel Whispers” Intuitive Communication Certfication

Saturday and Sunday July 14th and 15th, 2012 with Russell Forsyth.

Russell Forsyth

This is a fun class that will be tailored to fit the needs of each student and supported by the book ‘Angel Whispers”. Each member will have the opportunity to discover their organic and natural abilities to receive the loving stream of energy that is available to all through making spirit connections with senses that are beyond the body.

Through exercise, information and practice, you will gain confidence with a process that measures where you currently stand in developing your skills. With this class, you may also learn how to release blocks in order to better absorb the information, some of which is supported through the writings and work of Dr Doreen Virtue.

Note: At the end of the semester, there will be an internship that completes the certification.You can opt not to participate if who do not wish to have the certificate.

Under this program, some of the things you will learn include

~angels and their role in our lives

~introductions to archangels and their specific purpose

~how to connect with angels and get or give a reading

~receiving daily guidance for yourself and others

~identifying the the Claire senses

~using angel oracle cards

~working with a pendulum

~the 7 major chakras

~cutting negative cords of attachments

~clearing and shielding

~manifesting with angels

~channeled writing

~creating your own ‘angel whispers’

Saturday and Sunday July 14th and 15th

South Central Austin
Location given with registration


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