Carlos Cedillo – Maya Daykeeper Shaman

Carlos Cedillo - Mayan astrology shaman - Austin TexasCarlos Cedillo is a Maya Daykeeper Shaman in New Braunfels, Texas (near Austin).

He provides Mayan astrology charts in the traditional ancient system.

Get to know yourself better, accurately pinpoint your best power days and days you harmonize with, know the quality of year you will have and your Katun (19.5 year) completion days.

Understand how your relationships resonate, how you can best be of service to the Universe.

Find emotional and mental balance. Know where you come from – your past lives – and where you are going – elder status at 52 solar years.

Carlos offers

  • In person or Skype. Custom charts and unique interpretation.
  • Maya Fire ceremonies to bless your land and community!
  • Maya card readings and “mixing of seeds” divination for personal questions.

Violet Flame 2009-present
In a channeling session with the Elohim, my partner and I were given instructions for a Violet Flame meditation for couples and told we were to teach about the Violet Flame wherever we went. The exercise involves a couple with hands on each others hearts and shoulders staring into either the left or right eye for one hour. Before beginning it is best to recite an invocation of the Violet Flame. We also began learning Violet Flame Decrees, a form of mantra to manifest positive intentions and for transmutation of karma in the Violet Flame.

Hsin Tao Yoga 2002-present
Living in California was a great learning experience. I met many Light workers and energy healers through a Light-worker class and Sinji Shumekai. One of the most profound experiences was meeting Ratziel Bander who had just began teach Hsin Tao Yoga in the USA. He claims it had never been taught outside the Shaolin Monastery in China until very recently. There are several exercises in Hsin Tao, but the two most inspirational are called “Saint prepares the Medicine” and “Saint stretches his waist.” The first exercise involves sitting and moving your hands in circular motions in rhythm with your breath. The latter exercise is done standing and moving the hips and arms in circular patterns and is great for aligning every joint in your body, especially the spine.

Crystal Healing 1996-present
During the 1990’s I traveled frequently to the deserts of Mexico collecting crystals from miners and rock shops. on returning to Texas I would sell them and return on another trip! As I sold these wondrous stones, I would meet healers and shamans and others with knowledge of the crystal energies. I soon learned how to use a pendulum to feel the different properties of each crystal and how they are used on the human body to clear stuck energy in the chakras.

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    Angelic Light Healings are now part of my shamanic toolbox! Hands on or distant hearings with Metatron, Archangels, St. Germain and Ashtar Command. Look for to comeback online soon!
    Blessings and Peace,
    Carlos Cedillo