Muscle Testing Basics Class with Gabriella Espinosa

Saturday,  July 7th, 2012 with Gabriella Espinosa

Gabriella Espinosa

The answers we need are in our bodies. Muscle Testing provides a simple yet effective way of finding out what is in our best and highest good. AND, we have access to these answers at all times.

In this class:
We will learn some of the basic muscle testing methods.
We will practice using them to get answers for ourselves and others.
We will be practicing on proper wording / phrasing of our questions to obtain the most accurate and precise answers.
We will also be discussing how to discern what topics and questions may have the most charge for us (and therefore influence the answers that we get) along with ways to trouble shoot this phenomenon.)

Bring :
a notebook,
3-5 objects you would like to muscle test
and water.

Saturday, July 7th
12 noon to 2:30pm

3312 Doolin Drive
Austin, Texas 78745
(in back)


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