Raymon Grace Workshop

Saturday and Sunday March 19th and 20th

The dates are getting closer for Raymon Grace’s workshop in Austin March 19th and 20th at Remedy Healing Center.

If you haven’t had a chance to work with Raymon, he is a real treat! As a master healer and dowser he will work with allergies, energetic space clearing, water energizing and many more wonderful areas during these two days.

People often report the ending of a chronic issue, a relief from allergies or in my own case, my well water was restored from normal Texas well water with sulfur and heavy limestone to sweet water by pouring the energized water down into my well when I returned from the workshop. If you can, don’t miss this opportunity, these techniques and processes will serve anyone whether you’re a healer, an energy practitioner, a teacher, in the health fields human or animal, or just want to learn for you and your loved ones.

Please contact Sara Minnis – sara1122@attglobal.net at 512-736-8716 to register. The cost is $250.00! We have around eight spaces left!

This two day workshop is an opportunity for you to work with Raymon Grace; a dowser for many years, a healer and a pathfinder. If you’ve ever wondered about dowsing, or are currently using dowsing, or a long time dowser, working with Raymon will be a real treat. All levels of dowsers/healers will benefit.

As well as dowsing Raymond will share his methods for energizing and healing water, healing at a distance, clearing people and property, removing negative influences and more! In Raymon’s own words, “The future is composed of thoughts not yet materialized. We have the choice to create our future or let it be created by our indecision. We have created our present by our thoughts, decisions and actions or by lack of the same. By the same method or lack of it, we will create our future. We have a choice of which future we create. If there is one single message for people who attend my classes it is this. You are not just victims of the elements and the politicians. You have a choice but having a choice is of little benefit unless you exercise it.”

Raymond’s commitment is that the two days you spend with him will give each participant a simple and easy awareness of energy, working with energy, and learning how to exercise the choice for the future they want in their own lives. His work is currently being used in several countries including our own to clear and energize water. Bring a bottle of water with you to the workshop and learn HOW to energize it and contribute to the worlds water and your own!

He also has worked with law enforcement in a variety of situations and is involved in self improvement in a global arena. This is a great opportunity to benefit from contact with a true healer, and an individual committed to service at the individual level and the global level as well. If you’d like to read more, please go to his website. http://www.raymongrace.us and check out the testimonials and the various DVD’s and other tools. Please feel free to contact me with questions at 512-794-1000 or sara1122@attglobal.net.

“I had a problem with throbbing pain in my left shoulder blade for about 18 months, especially at night. I have gone to a chirapractor for my lower back ( vertebrae, which pinches a nerve) for 15 years. So she had been working on it and no relief. I decided I’d just have to live with it. I was sitting there in those straight chairs and by 9 am Friday of his workshop it was throbbing.

He came to the part where he sees if any of us have curses, black magic, etc…… (I’m thinking, “Yeah, right..”) So he removes them for the group….it was 10 am on Friday morning…. All of a sudden my shoulder stopped acheing. I told the person sitting next to me…”that’s strange…..I was having shoulder pain and it just stopped….well, it will probably start again.” That was August, I think, and it’s gone.

Then I was doing the medicine place healing cd I got with some friends I had invited over…. and thought, I’ll just picture that lower back pain as huge red pulsating inflamation…..then, I threw the rock at it and watched it explode and disappear….. all my lower back pain left and has never come back. The monthly chiropractor fee I used to pay has more than paid for the workshop….so that’s what I tell people….you never know what you can use it for. I still am in total disbelief about my back problem, which was very real and physical, being gone. My chiropractor is really puzzled that I haven’t been to her in 6 months.

It’s just too simple!!!! I keep thinking it might come back. After all I have had this back/vertebrae problem for 15+ years.

I hope you will tell him to have a ton of his DVD’s there. It has really helped me to fine tune what he taught. I think he ran out of some of them in Richardson.”

Saturday March 19th and 20th
9am – 5pm

Remedy Center for Healing Arts
4901 Burnet Road
Austin Texas 78756


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