Sacred Scalar Technology and Sound Therapy – Henrik Cervin

Friday April 15th, 2011

Please come and welcome Henrik Cervin from Stockholm, Sweden who discovered his gift of healing at age 23 when a family member was stricken with terminal Cancer. He traveled the world studying many varied healing modalities with great masters and is skilled in the use of advanced technologies.

Henrik has been in practice for over 22 years now and blends his knowledge of Body Talk, Active Dowsing, Korean Hand Acupuncture with his training as a Looyenwork painless deep-tissue Instructor, Holistic Massage therapist, Homeopathic Consultant, Biofeedback Practitioner and VAHS Sound Healer.

Henrik’s is also skilled in the use of two advanced technologies: the INDIGO Biofeedback and Sacred Scalar Systems, which are recognized as phenomenal tools to accelerate our movement into higher levels of consciousness. Now traveling to selected cities around the US, Henrik warmly welcomes people of all ages and animals to experience these state-or-the-art systems. Your can click on to learn more about Henrik or e-mail: and connect with Henrik directly.

“The House of Light”
Austin, Texas

Friday April 15th


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