Singing Rainbow Crystal Bowls

Here is a magical, crystal healing, music therapy instrument that anyone can play with no lessons! There are two basic kinds of singing bowls – the traditional Tibetan singing bowls which are made of a combination of metals, and pure quartz crystal singing bowls. Both kinds of singing bowls produce an enchanting, peaceful sound therapy as you circle the rim with a special suede mallet. Available in many sizes and price ranges. Chakra balancing singing bowls quickly capture the attention of all who hear them.

Singing Rainbow

And a singing bowl is so easy to play. We include detailed instructions on mallet position, pressure, and correct speed to circle the singing bowl. This way, you get a terrific sound right away and you are on your way to creating beautiful meditation music and crystal healing. A singing bowl is easy to play, but its sound therapy has profound effects. We live in a world that is literally created, held together, and changed by vibration, by frequency, by harmonic wave patterns – SOUND!