SOL Center of Love and Light with Samantha Vanderslice

SOL Center of Love and Light with Samantha Vanderslice

Samantha Vanderslice

I am a Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences and have studied the Kabbalah and Hermetic Sciences since age 12.

I’ve studied Tarot for almost 45 years and wrote the book, Tarot Yourself Into the New Age.

I’m a Reiki Master, massage therapist, Shiatsu Practitioner, and gemstone body worker.

I’m an herbalist and Bach Flower Registered Practitioner and trainer.

I love my life and am delighted to be incarnate in this most magical of times. My joy is to share informational and experiential interactions that empower others to live lives that are fulfilling, loving and abundant.

Samantha Vanderslice
SOL Center of Love & Light
Phone: 1-512-517-4688

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