Soul Contracts Journey™ with Gerry Starnes M.Ed

Saturday July 21st, 2012

Gerry Starnes

Contracts or agreements with others is an important way that you interact with family, friends, co-workers, and so on. They may be known, intentional, and real. Sometimes, though these contracts are unknown, unintentional, and perhaps even imaginary.

They may have been formed very early in life, and may be in response to a bad situation, such as a rough family life or trauma. Most often they are formulated something like:


“Help me! If you will just get me out of this I will _______.”
(Fill in the blank.)

I will never love anyone again.

I will always take care of you.

I will be the best son/daughter for you.

I will take on your pain.

The contract then goes into effect and will generally stay in effect until it is ended or rewritten. Some contracts, usually formed in traumatic situations, are badly written and persist well beyond the time they are needed. Most often, you do not even know that these exist. You may believe something is fundamental about yourself that is actually you keeping your word according to an old, badly written contract.

If you do not know these contracts are there or what the actual agreement is, then you are likely to wrap your life experience around the contract and continue to live according to it as though it is a fundamental part of your personality.

In this workshop
Learn how contracts are created and agreed to
Identify one or more contracts that need to be addressed in your life
Learn a simple journey to help you change or cancel bad contracts

Gerry Starnes, M.Ed., originator of the Spirit Paths™ program in 2008, began his practice in the mid-1970s, using both psychological and medical treatment models. Finding the results of these modalities limited, he began a 20-year journey through energy healing and other alternative methods of healing.

In the 1990s he encountered shamanism, and found it to be the most powerful methodology for healing in all the realms. As a contemporary shamanic practitioner, he now offers group and individual sessions, holds regular classes, and presents a variety of workshops in Texas. He is a Founding Member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners.

Saturday July 21st
1pm – 6pm

Thrive Fitness Studio
3212 S Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78704

$50 until July 19
$60 after July 19
(if space is available)
Register online at

What To Bring With You
You will be experiencing journeys and guided imagery meditations, so you want to be as comfortable as possible. Floor pillows and yoga blankets are available. You might want to bring:
• Journal or notebook
• Bandanna or eye covering
• Any special token or item(s) you want to take along on your journeys

More Information or registration
Gerry Starnes, 512-586-2736 or