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Kathleen Fors - ThetaHealing Austin Texas - Holistic Emotional MakeoverKathleen Fors is the owner of Success Thru Beliefs in Austin, Texas and she specializes in the Holistic Emotional Makeover.™

Kathleen uses very special life coaching and healing techniques to identify, clear and replace unconscious core beliefs that create sabotage in people’s lives.  And through Kathleen’s special program, the experience becomes a literal face-lift from the inside out.

Healing the heart and soul of core beliefs can greatly improve your health, reduce pain, increase abundance, and expand love and peace of mind.  It can help you feel restored, empowered and even save you time, heartache and money!  If you’re feeling frustrated with relationships, or direction, or would like some of that youthful energy back that you once had, you simply must give this a try. Don’t just prop and polish the outside, shine and thrive from within!

When you change your beliefs, you change your life!

Kathleen also teaches ThetaHealing® classes and The 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems.  

These are ideal, complimentary modalities for current practitioners to use in conjunction with their other healing practices.  Learn for a practice or learn for yourself, Kathleen’s classes are jam-packed with value you can’t get anywhere else.

A Note From Kathleen About ThetaHealing®

My classes are unique in content, delivery and in the support I offer my students. Like other ThetaHealing® courses, my workshops include all the standard books, materials, and instruction on ThetaHealing®.  However, in addition to all that, I further support my students with an extra “lab” day to live-practice the ThetaHealing® technique, and official ThetaHealing® training DVD, as well as 4 free bonus follow-up tele-classes after they have completed the course.  This has proven to be of great assistance to my students to help them build confidence and to help them incorporate the techniques more fully and quickly.  

Additionally, I have developed and offer my students the Omega Protocol, for ThetaHealing® practitioners.  This is a 35-page supplemental reference manual that offers step-by-step, detailed information of how to conduct a process.  

My class structure is well-organized and designed to accommodate every learner’s needs.  And I would love to help you towards your success!

Kathleen’s Background

Kathleen has nearly 20 years of coaching, teaching and healing experience. She’s trained in a wide variety of transformation and healing modalities and is the author of “The Omega Protocol,” a training manual and resource guide for ThetaHealing® practitioners.

Her expertise includes:

  • Certified in Advanced Wavemaker Coaching
  • Trained in the Twelve Core Dynamics of Common Problems
  • Mastered Pure Awareness Techniques as outlined in The Power of HOW
  • Certified as a “Calling in the One” Coach
  • Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner
  • Certified ThetaHealing® Teacher
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Yuen Energetics

What others say about Kathleen’s Holistic Emotional Makeover

“Even though I have worked with competent coaches I am so glad I found Kathleen. I had a lot of financial stress because the pipeline to my sales was drying up even though I was the number one sales person in my company the year before. Also my thinking and thoughts were spiraling downwards and I couldn’t do anything about it. Since working with Kathleen, my life has changed dramatically. In just 3 or 4 sessions my sales did a turnaround and came alive. My thinking became positive and powerful. Half way through Kathleen’s program I felt good and confident about my future and myself. Miracles are now a common daily occurrence and I love my life. Working with Kathleen is an excellent financial investment with an amazing return.”  Keith Powell, Financial Advisor

“When I started working with Kathleen I was a workaholic.  In just 2 sessions I starting taking weekends off for the first time in my life.  Then something happened at work which was traumatic.  I got a severe headache that wouldn’t go away and my heart was racing constantly.  This time in a single session, Kathleen cleared the emotions and did her magic.  By the end of the session, I felt much much better, relieved because I was afraid for my health, and my heart was beating normally again, thank God!  Working with Kathleen is a great investment.  What is more important than my health and living a satisfying life?  I look forward to my future sessions with her to experience her magic in other areas where I am challenged.”  Kathy Ramirez, Locksmith

“A year ago I was anxious and short-tempered, had an estranged relationship with my son, and was suffering from severe muscle pain. I also lacked communication skills and healthy boundaries, (didn’t even know what they were).  I had developed all sorts of bad habits to distract me from my misery. I was referred to Kathleen by a friend who raved about her positive life changes after having healing sessions with her. I decided that I would commit to improve my life and I started having 3 sessions per week for several months.  The results — my life completely transformed! I no longer feel angry or compelled to numb myself out; I have since reconnected with my son and my marriage is constantly improving. Now I am pain free, and am able to communicate in a healthy way.  It’s very strange, but my thinking is just different.  I feel confident and most of the time I feel at peace.  Now I actually enjoy my life, which is a totally new experience. Wow!  What would I have done without you, Kathleen?  From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!”  Janet D., California

What others say about Kathleen’s ThetaHealing® Classes

“I found Kathleen’s Theta Healing to be amazing. The class assisted me perfectly for spiritual growth. After her class I did not need to come home and figure out what she had said and how to apply it. She gave me the foundation required and the methodology that fit my mental processing ability. There was no wasted time, she made the necessary clearings so that her training would be assimilated and I would be able to take off running. Thank you Kathleen for your openness to be a conduit for Heavenly Fathers work on this earth. Your class was a Divine Gift to me.” - Martha Perez, ThetaHealing Practitioner

“I had completed healing classes over a span of a half-dozen years, yet Spirit continued to provide diversity in the type of modalities to pursue. At church, I learned about Pranic Healing, which is a non-touch system of energy medicine based on the principle that the body can self-heal provided the congested energy is cleansed away, prana (life force) is directed through energizing techniques, and the bioelectromagnetic field (aura) is also balanced. In classes of the Akashic Records (consciousness on another dimension that contains the vibrational record of every soul), I experienced connection with the healing light that comes from the Divine universal consciousness. Another modality that arrived at the perfect time of my inquiry to Spirit about miraculous healings, was Sacred Healing Meditation, a form of spiritual healing that involves a spiral of energy anchored on 12 specific points of the individual. And finally the crowing modality called ThetaHealing (focused prayer through the Creator) entered my life to forever enrich my consciousness and to provide the ultimate key to communion with the Creator of All That Is.” - Annelise Rosea, contributing author of “Waking Up to Spirit, Twenty Stories of Transformation.”  (Quote taken from Annelise’s story on page 140: “Come Into the Hand of They Friend.”)

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