Success Thru Beliefs – With Kathleen Fors

Kathleen ForsKathleen Fors specializes in taking holistic professionals to the next level in every area of their lives – with ease and speed.  

She does this by using very special healing and coaching techniques to identify, clear and replace unconscious core beliefs that create sabotage in our lives.

Healing the heart and soul of core beliefs can greatly improve your health, reduce pain, increase abundance, and expand love and peace of mind.

When you change your beliefs,
you change your life!

Kathleen offers ThetaHealing™ sessions as well as Basic and advanced DNA ThetaHealing™ classes.  Learning ThetaHealing® is a great way for students to learn to work on themselves and to help friends and family.  It is also an ideal, complimentary modality for current practitioners to use along with their other healing practices.

Kathleen’s Background

Kathleen has nearly 20 years of coaching and teaching experience. She is trained in a wide variety of transformation and healing techniques.

Her expertise includes:

  • Graduate of Coach University
  • Certified in Advanced Wavemaker Coaching
  • Trained in the Twelve Core Dynamics of Common Problems
  • Mastered Pure Awareness Techniques as outlined in The Power of HOW
  • Certified as a “Calling in the One” Coach
  • Certified ThetaHealing™ Practitioner
  • Certified ThetaHealing™ Teacher

A Note From Kathleen About ThetaHealing®

My classes are unique in content, delivery and in the support I offer my students. Like other ThetaHealing® courses, my workshops include all the standard books, materials, and instruction on ThetaHealing®.  However, in addition to all that, I further support my students with an extra “lab” day to live-practice the ThetaHealing® technique, as well as 4 free bonus follow-up tele-classes after they have completed the course.  This has proven to be of great assistance to my students to help them build confidence and to help them incorporate the techniques more fully and quickly.

Additionally, I have developed and offer my students the Omega Protocol, for beginning ThetaHealing® practitioners.  This is a 35-page supplemental reference manual that offers step-by-step, detailed information of how to conduct a process.

My class structure is well-organized and designed to accommodate every learner’s needs.  And I would love to help you towards your success!

What others say about Kathleen’s work

“Even though I have worked with competent coaches I am so glad I found Kathleen. I had a lot of financial stress because the pipeline to my sales was drying up even though I was the number one sales person in my company the year before. Also my thinking and thoughts were spiraling downwards and I couldn’t do anything about it. Since working with Kathleen, my life has changed dramatically. In just 3 or 4 sessions my sales did a turnaround and came alive. My thinking became positive and powerful. Half way through Kathleen’s program I felt good and confident about my future and myself. Miracles are now a common daily occurrence and I love my life. Working with Kathleen is an excellent financial investment with an amazing return.”  Keith Powell, Financial Advisor

“Kathleen cleared many of my limiting beliefs (even some I was actually unaware of)– like anger, poor communication skills, and an inability to see my own value. The end result has been a happy, healthy relationship with a wonderful man and a successful business that aligns perfectly with my values, financial goals and life purpose. Kathleen’s process is fast, painless and transformational!”  Dr. Misty Funk (Doctor of Chiropractic), Tranquility Chiropractic Studio

“I am truly blessed to have met Kathleen. Working with her I gained tremendous awareness of my unconscious beliefs that were running the show causing me challenges regarding my health, relationships and self-esteem. During Kathleen’s magical process she cleared deep core sabotaging beliefs, and made sure I was “on” for beliefs that empowered me.  Her work is fast and painless, changing beliefs instantaneously.  Now I remember and claim who I am… a powerful, authentic woman living a creative, abundant, and joyful life.”  - Shelly Searle, Publisher Natural Awakening Magazine, Austin

“When I started working with Kathleen I was a workaholic.  In just 2 sessions I starting taking weekends off for the first time in my life.  Then something happened at work which was traumatic.  I got a severe headache that wouldn’t go away and my heart was racing constantly.  This time in a single session, Kathleen cleared the emotions and did her magic.  By the end of the session, I felt much much better, relieved because I was afraid for my health, and my heart was beating normally again, thank God!  Working with Kathleen is a great investment.  What is more important than my health and living a satisfying life?  I look forward to my future sessions with her to experience transformation in other areas where I am challenged.”  Kathy RamirezLocksmith

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