Book – Druid Twilight: The Loom of Destiny by Gerry Starnes, M.Ed.

Druid Twilight: The Loom of Destiny
by Gerry Starnes, M. Ed.

Druid Twilight - Loom of Destiny

Set in Ancient Roman Britain in the middle first century, Druid Twilight is an epic tale of the Roman conquest of Britain and the destruction of the Druids. While it is a shamanic and romantic story, it is historically accurate with characters drawn from actual persons and locations with deep archaic roots.

This is a magical story of life, love, betrayal, revenge, and victory set in a pivotal time for Britain and, indeed, for the whole world.

Druid Twilight is a novella series. Each part of the publication is released separately and priced affordably at $4.95. It is available only online at

Book One is now available on Amazon as a paperback!

Gerry Starnes, M.Ed. is an Austin area shamanic practitioner, teacher, coach, author. He offers shamanic journey circles weekly, offers workshops and seminars, and individual coaching in the application of ancient principles to everyday life.

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