Book – Druid Twilight: The Loom of Destiny (Epic Edition) – by Gerry Starnes, M.Ed.

Druid Twilight: The Loom of Destiny (Epic Edition)
by Gerry Starnes, M.Ed.

Book - Druid Twilight - The Loom of Destiny Epic Edition - Shamanism and Fantasy - Gerry Starnes - Austin Texas authorAs a fictional story set in a pivotal historic time, Druid Twilight: The Loom of Destiny is an epic journey to first century Roman Britain.

Roman invaders are set to destroy the whole Druidic culture because they recognize it as a hindrance to their exertion of power over the British territories. The two Orders–the Druid Order and the Semnotheoi Order–have to decide how to pass on their legacy, knowing that the world as they have known it has come to an end.

Within this military and political struggle lies the personal stories of Caedwyn and Brianna, their companions, and the Elders who struggle with their responsibilities of the present and for the future. A love story at heart, Druid Twilight is a tale of the clash of enormous powers, of betrayal, retribution, and rebirth.

Druid Twilight is an allegorical tale of our times: an age of transition in which ancient powers conflict with the emergence of a new way, a new system of beliefs that may either engulf the archaic ways or force their unexpected evolution. Nature, the elements, and time itself is at play in this intense and engaging shamanic narrative.

Druid Twilight: The Loom of Destiny (Epic Version) is an omnibus publication that includes both original books, plus the author’s notes regarding story locations and more.

About the Author
Gerry Starnes, M.Ed. is a spiritual transformation coach, best-selling author, and shamanic practitioner in the Austin, Texas area. His prize-winning book, Spirit Paths: The Quest For Authenticity, is based on the 6-month program he developed in 2008. Currently, he has published two books in print and seven ebooks, and has more than 17 videos as a YouTube Partner.

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