This Moment – Class At The Seeker’s Round Table

Thursday – June 25th, 2015. With Cynthia Lee Shelton.

Cynthia Lee Shelton - The Seeker's Round Table - Austin TexasWe’re moving through the world differently now than we were before. 

The type of integration we are experiencing now has reached a deeper level, calling to the very core of our being through the various layers and timelines that make up our reality. 

Reaching through these depths, we may find ourselves tapping into the feelings and experiences of our ancestors.

Issues and revelations that come through our very genetic cellular memory.

This class is about what you feel and experience in your Living.  And how to integrate what we’ve been learning through our spirituality and BEing – to reach through the layers, gather and bring it all into our Now.

It’s OK to be in the present moment.

Director’s Note: Cynthia is delightful and amazingly gifted, as a psychic, as a licensed psychotherapist and as a teacher.  You’ll find few who are better equipped to help sort out the balances between worlds.  Join us as she shares with us a down-to-earth look from her life experiences, lessons learned and her work as a natural intuitive who’s “been there” all her life.

About The Instructor

Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW, has a Masters of Science degree in Social Work, and over 20 years of direct experience in the mental and medical health fields. For ten years she worked as a psychiatric social worker and mental health specialist in five hospitals in Texas and California. She has experience in treating suicidal ideation, incest, rape, trauma, depression, drug addiction, brain injuries, dementia, and terminal illness.

Cynthia has had intuitive experiences since her early childhood, which has propelled her into a lifetime quest of learning about the energies at work behind the scenes of life. She has sought out knowledge and educated herself about various subjects involving the body-mind-spirit connection. But what serves her and her clients even better than her encyclopedic knowledge is the guidance she receives from the angelic realm.

This class is sponsored by The Seeker’s Round Table (TSRT).

Thursday, June 25th
7pm – 8:30pm

Unity Church of the Hills (UCOH)
9905 Anderson Mill Rd.
Austin, Texas 78750


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