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Ashtara at Awesmic City Expo

Saturday and Sunday – December 16th and 17th, 2017. Join Ashtara Sasha White as she provides Profound Readings and Instant Healings – at the 4th annual Awesmic City Expo! … [Read More...]

Anne Partain

Are you ready to find new ways to see life? Do you want to know what is going on with your emotions? Do you long to love and be loved? Are you wanting more peace … [Read More...]

The Spiritual Life Fair

Saturday - January 13th, 2018.  Offering guidance and encouragement, bringing like-minded people together. Enjoy a session from one of our unique assortment of fine … [Read More...]

An Evening Of Spirit Messages

Saturday - December 9th, 2017. With Tracy St. Croi. Come join another exciting evening of Spirit communications with Tracy as she demonstrates mediumship to a small and … [Read More...]